Artificial Intelligence Will Beat Humans at “Everything” In Just 13 Years — Elon Musk

The performance of human brain looks too small when it comes to performing one single task against artificial intelligence such as — gaming, medical science, calculations, etc. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX claims that AIs will beat humans at “Everything” by 2030.

Musk made this comment on his Twitter when he was responding a study took place at the University of Oxford. The study claims that Artifical Intelligence will overtake our race by 2060.

Probably closer to 2030 to 2040 in my opinion,” he wrote.

The horrifying research took place at the University of Oxford predicts that there are 50% chances that machines will outperform all human tasks within 45 years. Last month Google’s Artifical Intelligence AlphaGo beat the world champion in Chinese game Go. It proves that AI is growing faster than ever and started to take over.

According to the research, machines will be translating languages better than us by 2024 And will be writing high-school essays by 2026. And within 10 years Artificial Intelligence will be better truck drivers than us.

The most importantly that research claims within 120 years all humans job will be overtaken by Artificial Intelligence.

But Musk is already prepared for that, recently Musk launched a new neuroscience company called Neutralink. Which is aiming to develop a technology to connect the human brain with Artificial Intelligence.

However, Neuralink is still in early stage of its development and research, there’s a long way to go for the company to reach that aim.

@elonmusk 1/2: This is one of the few times I sincerely hope your estimate is incorrect.

While writing a reply to @SmileSimplify Musk said he also hopes to be wrong about his own opinion on Artificial Intelligence.

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